Master of Science in Behaviour Change Communication (MSc BCC)

Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) is health communication that is behaviorally focused as well as environmentally contextualized. It seeks to empower people to change the behaviour that puts their health in jeopardy, by effecting social change, which in turn makes it possible for behaviour change to take place. It proceeds from a correct understanding of obstacles to behavior change through formative research, and proceeds to modify them through appropriate communication interventions. This makes it easier for individuals and communities to make and to sustain behaviour change for the enhancement of their health. BCC avoids blaming the people for not changing their behaviour by making it unethical to persuade people without removing the barriers, which prevent them from changing their behaviour.

Enntry Requirements:

  1. Graduates from MUHAS in BSc. EHS, BSc. N, MD, and DDS with at least B grade in Behavioral Sciences (BS 100) and or accumulative GPA of 2.7 at graduation.
  2. Graduates from other recognized Universities in BSc. EHS, BSc. N, MD, DDS, LLB, BSC (Ed), BA (Ed), BA (Econ), BA (Soc), BSc. (Food Science and Technology) and BA (Pol. Scs.) with accumulative GPA of 2.7 at graduation
  3. Graduates of classified degrees must have passed and obtained at least a lower second class.
  4. Graduates shall have a minimum of two years working experience

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