Department of Environmental and Occupational Health.

The Department of Environmental and OccupationalHealth started in July 2008 from the Department of Community Health. The Department focuses on training, research and consultancies in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, all with the aim of improving the quality of the environment in which human being live and work. Currently with 11 academic staff members (3 Senior Lecturers, 3Lecturer and 5 Assistant Lecturers). The Department aims at producing experts who will work towards reducing Environmental and Occupational Health risks, thus promoting health and reducing burden of diseases and injuries.

In future, the Department plans to integrate diverse scientific disciplines in its quest to discover, translate and disseminate new knowledge critical to understanding the impact of Environmental and Occupational risks on individuals and human populations.

The Department has collaborations with the University of Michigan (International training and Occupational Health), University of Bergen- Centre for international Health and Section for occupational medicine; Stanford University (Water, Sanitation and Environment Project), Utrecht University (Toxicology and Environmental Health), University of Cape Town (Pesticides and Occupational Health) and Barrick Gold Tanzania Ltd. The department house BSc EHS and Master of Science in Environmental Health with concentration in Occupational Health and Safety.

Main services offered

  1. Teaching
  1. BSc. Environmental health sciences program
  2. Foundation of Public Health to MPH, MSc. Tropical disease control, MA Health Policy and MMEd Community Health.
  3. MSc EOH program
  4. PhD in Environmental Health Sciences
  5. Short courses: Occupational Health and Safety, Water Quality and sanitation, Pollution Control, Waste Management, Health of Displaced Population, Pesticide Management and Management of Essential Services for Environmental Health at District Level.
  6. Reduction of the burden of injuries and occupational exposures through capacity building in low income countries
  7. Linkage data in estimating severe traumatic traffic injuries
  8. Climate change and public health
  9. Water quality and sanitation
  10. Environmental health risk assessment and management
  11. Food safety and hygiene surveillance and practice
  12. Disaster preparedness
  13. Pesticide surveillance
  14. Environmental health risk assessment and management
  15. Ambient and indoor air quality monitoring
  16. Water quality assessment and management
  17. Health risk and exposure assessment
  18. Disease outbreak investigation and control
  19. Water, sanitation and waste management
  20. Workplace complaint investigation
  1. Research
  1. Consultancy Services

Departmental meetings

The department conducts at least one meeting in a month where matters from the management meeting of the school and departmental activities and issue are discussed.


The department link with the following international institutions

  1. University of Bergen, Centre for international health and Section for occupational Health
  2. University of Addis Ababa, School of Public Health
  3. University of Cape Town
  4. University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Department of occupational and Environmental Health

The department link with the following local Institutions

  1. MOHSW
  2. Barrick
  3. NIMR
  4. TPRI
  5. TAEC
  1. OSHA
  2. ORCI




Contact US

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Dar es Salaam
Tel: Direct: +255 22 2153371, Tel : +255 22 2150302-6 (Ext. 1281 Dean, 1282 OMS)
Fax: +255-22-2150465