Department Of Community Health.

The Department of Community Health conducts most of its work out of two separate Units: the main unit at MUHAS campus, Dar es Salaam is concerned with theoretical teaching and research, while the smaller unit in Bagamoyo, traditionally known as Bagamoyo Teaching Unit (BTU), is used as a practicum site. However, due to increased student enrolment at the University, the department is currently using districts in the neighbouring Coastal regions as practicum sites for Community Medicine Rotation.

The Department of Community Health teaches nutrition course for semester 4 MD and DDS students, prepares, coordinates and supervises their second year nutrition field practicals and family case studies. It also teaches MD Semester communicable disease control course and contributes in teaching nutrition course for the BSc Environmental Health students. For the undergraduate programmes, the department hosts the MD semester 7/8 community medicine rotations. The Department has one postgraduate programme, the Master of Medicine (Community Health).

Currently the department has 6 academic staff members who also coordinate several short courses in Public Health topics including health financing and leadership in health systems. Staff members contribute to several research networks including Sida/SAREC Reproductive Health, CDC, HEARD, Health System Research of South Africa, MUHAS/HARVARD Research programmes and others. Members of staff also provide consultancies for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, as well as local and international NGOs.

The department links/collaborates in the wider context of SPHSS with the following Universities, Organizations and Institutions:

  1. Uppsala University, Sweden
  2. OHCEA
  3. Pennsylvania University, US
  4. Africa Hub for Health Systems Research
  5. NIMR and UDSM (Development Studies) on Health Policy and Systems Research
  6. Management Science for Health
  7. Grand Challenge Canada
  8. Immunization and Vaccine Development, Ministry of Health and Social Sciences

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Tel: Direct: +255 22 2153371, Tel : +255 22 2150302-6 (Ext. 1281 Dean, 1282 OMS)
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